Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA is a private non-profit institution funded exclusively by grant applications. In the Czech Republic it operates two large exhibition spaces and a residency programme in Prague, a renaissance Castle in Třebešice near Kutná Hora, with a collection of Czech and international contemporary art and a residency programme VARP NY in collaboration with Art in General and Visegrad fund in New York, USA.
The FUTURA gallery is a three-floor exhibition space with a total area of 1,000 m² located in Prague’s Smíchov quarter. Works from numerous renowned and internationally respected artists from abroad as well as the Czech Republic have been presented here since 2003 in large collective and solo exhibitions. 
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The permanent installation called Brownnosing was made by visual artist David Černý in 2003 on the occasion of the first exhibition organized at FUTURA. These two laminate sculptures were ceremonially unveiled in the gallery garden at the opening of exhibition named Survey, which presented Czech artists of the contemporary fine art scene at that time.


The work is composed of two identical sculptures, made in a shape of lower half of human body which are bend forward. The sculptures are over life-size, which is typical for David Černý. Sexless sculptures hide screens presenting two videos, they show the politician Václav Klaus and the artist Milan Knížák as they are feeding each other with a mash, which they are enjoying very much. The video is accompanied by well-known song “We Are The Champions” by the band Queen. These screens are visible only through a hole, which is located at the top of the statues and is accessible only by climbing up a ladder.


At the time of creation of the work Václav Klaus was newly elected President of the Czech Republic and Milan Knížák was the longtime director of the National Gallery in Prague. In his provocative installation David Černý portrays his view on relations in czech society by an allegorical manner with humor he expresses his opinion on the aforementioned persons and their mutual support.