Lenka Klodová: First respect, then love

20. 6. 2017- 10. 9. 2017

Opening: 20. 6. 18:00

Curator: Michal Novotný

Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5


The exhibition of Lenka Klodová is a retrospective walk through an intimate interior of merging and blending works (and bodies). Klodová is touching the territorial moves, borders and skirmishes between "social" and "natural" body. She shows their cohesion and promiscuity and even a certain surprise if in a prepared situation one of them is suddenly emerging alone as itself.
Moving, waving, shaking, stretched and compressed bodies are somehow always already here, in ourselves, but alienated from us at the same time, always already tuned and constantly demanding, feeling but also dormant, available to be inscribed and shaped by culture and mind, and in the same time banal, biologic, reparable and functioning. The Body is undepictable, incomprehensible, its depiction always eludes, with no chance to assume reflective distance, just like on the photographs of Lenka Klodová running, crawling, jumping and falling. The Body is a robust tool, working, being used, exploited, recovered and worn-out. The body is a body digesting, excreting, desiring and shivering with waves of pleasure, sometimes in a mechanic and common manner and at other times in a softly deep warmth of desire. The Body is a volume, weight, a mass, the bulk, always controlled and out of control, slushy and constricted, loose and tighten, inappropriate and natural at the same time. The body is never reasonable, nor individual, the body is always a rhythm and merger. It is perhaps the body that offers alliance without identity politics.

Lenka Klodová
Disposition, 2009; Afternoon Siesta, 2001
Lenka Klodová
A Dumpster With Love, 2009
Lenka Klodová
Lenka and The Doctors, 2012-2013; Islands of Desire, 2001
Lenka Klodová
After the Battle Scenery, 2014-2017
Lenka Klodová
Locker Room, 2002