Marius Konvoj: The Rider of The Positive Apocalypse

10. 5. - 23. 6. 2019

Opening: 10. 5. 2019

Collective curating: Jakub Adamec, Caroline Krzyszton, Michal Novotný, Marius Konvoj

Center for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5

Marius Konvoj is opening The Rider of the Positive Apocalypse, an activating boutique, in Futura. Konvoj will tell you the tale about who you are and what society means. The tale that tells us that we are a sold generation. Marius Konvoj is a mute voice of nature and the people which includes the sold generation. By that he means the generations Y and Z. Even though they at the moment don't seem to realise it, or rather don't want to admit it, they are still desperately looking for their place in the society as well as in the world. Nowadays, there is information about who we are, what have both we and the generations before us caused and that there is no sustainable future for us, slowly leaking into the public. According to it, we are in debt on the personal level and in terms of relationships, money and ecology. My generation can't see it because we were born in the vacuum of securities. The older generation is still convincing us about them, thus keeping us in the dark. It will get better. Marius Konvoj sees distress as an unavoidable fact he has to accept without breaking down or resigning. He has realised that he is riding on a wave of positive apocalypse and started to discover hidden paradoxes of life. It is from the deep life-long research of these paradoxes of life where the three pillars - mementoes - came from.
The first one is to say clearly to the older generation that we will not pay their debts. Year 1986 is a memento of the environmental debt. The second one is the opening of our inside - ego to the compassion through understanding of our place on the Earth and the ramifications of our behaviour. Year 2012 is the memento of the neoego. The third one is the creation of zero economy which will absorb all debts and all free capital. Year 2030 is the memento of zero economics.

"What I would like the most is for people to understand the story and to empathise. To take a little bit of it with them into their own lives. To turn them into the riders of the Positive Apocalypse."
That makes Marius Konvoj an intermediary neoegoist who works with other artists. The one who creates therefore he exists. He is and utopian who believes in the good.

All the pieces on display are for sale.