Tomáš Lahoda: Ad Paintings, Book Paintings, Genre Paintings, La Guardia

25. 9.-17. 11. 2019

Opening: 25. 9. 2019 - 18:00

Center for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5

Invited by Michal Novotný
Selection by Lukas Hofmann
With accompanying text by Ari Níelsson

With works chosen from various series across his career, this cross-section of Tomáš Lahoda’s practice aims to give a sense of the range and curiosity with which Lahoda (b.1954) has explored the borders and overlaps between conceptualism, pop-cultural artefacts, and the mass media landscape.

Reaching from the Book Paintings of the early 90s, through the Genre and Ad series, and culminating with the ongoing LaGuardia works, Lahoda’s approach playfully commingles not only the visual languages of brand and commodity but also the traditional modes of art historical display, to collapse conventional distinctions between the elements of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture that play out across his large-format canvasses.

The presentation of these works beyond the parameters that govern their individual series allows for the opportunity to appreciate the underlying critical approach that connects Lahoda’s practice. Bright, graphic forms that speak of manufactured aspiration hang next to austere geometries which, when they are recognised as fragments of urban space must also be recognised as being just as fabricated.

Connected throughout by a sustained commitment to the craft of painting and reproduction, these paintings elevate the mundane at the same time that they bring certain assumptions regarding value back to earth, pointing to the how we all sift through and signify the overwhelming information of the world around us.